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Formation2000years ago(2000)
  • Non-operating private foundation
Purpose, Ending
Area served
Key people
  • Bill Gates (Co-Chair)
  • Melinda Gates (Co-Chair)
  • (Co-Chair)
$50.7 billion (2017)
1,541 (2017)
Formerly called
William H. Gates Foundation

RESQ’s mission is to reach a day where all animals are happy and free from unnecessary suffering. We work towards reducing human-animal conflict by rescuing and treating un-owned street animals who are sick or injured. Through our activities, we also work towards educating and inspiring the urban community to peacefully co-exist with animals on our streets. We are one of India’s most active citywide rescue services and attend to over 60 animal distress reports on a daily basis. Read More about our RESQ Stories here. RESQ was founded in 2007, and our focus is to always remain dedicated to the animals. The organization began at a time when there were no other entities conducting hands-on rescue for animal emergencies on the streets of Pune. This resulted in wounded and sick animals on the street that lay suffering and without help. In this situation, it was very difficult -- even for a person who may have felt empathetic towards an injured animal -- to do something, because there were no on-site ambulances or medical rescue teams to call for help. Leaving an animal suffering on the streets results in two things: It desensitizes people: When people see an animal suffering and are unable to do something about it repeatedly, they tend to grow desensitized and ignorant. Increase in conflict: It is important that the animals on our streets are healthy, neutered and vaccinated, as a sick or injured animal is more likely to react or attack in defense or pain, and may end up causing harm to another animal or human out of helplessness.


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