Partner Program FAQ's

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  1. How much money can I raise for my NGO ?
    There's no limit. We request you to fix your need, as companies as well as donors love transparency.

  2. How and when will I be paid?
    Need to update your information on Dashboard Generally we release funds when it goes beyond INR 10000 or 15th of Every month We can also release whenever you need. Kindly, use rarely

  3. Why do you call it as partner program?
    GSE Red have sole motive to solve every issues across the world by bringing robotic or automation revolution to those who are doing it. We welcome you as partner as it will never possible until we understand your need or hurdles where we need to bring permanent solution.

  4. How can other NGO or social change maker I know participate?
    The program is invite-only at this time, but we intend to open it up to more people as time goes on. You can also nominate NGO as a partner. Kindly contact 91 832 933 1748 or

  5. What is about tax, financials and other details?
    Kindly check Term and Condition to know further. If you have further question : Kindly contact +91 832 933 1748 or

  6. When do my funds update on my dashboard?
    It depends upon the technologies. Generally, It updates immediately or transaction gets completed.

  7. Where NGO need to participate?
    We glad to provide as much well tested innovation as we can. Definitely, You need to take key decision like your campaign, your causes, how to ask, where to ask, what perception you wish to make and about your goal. We expect complete outline about your campaign as well as your target audience.

  8. Who can I contact for additional information or other questions about the partner program?
    Please email us at