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Bring awareness about your charitable work in mass audience


Wikipedia is first preference of people to judge the facts. As Wikipedia Statistics, we are expecting 170 million active users across the world, especially coming from Google Search Engine, Media and Blog positioning and Social Media. It will help to raise funds of avg 14 million dollars per month. Admins, Editors and Companies are always active to update the NGOPedia. We request you to give genuine information as public information.

Integrate Technologies

For selected charities having strong persence through NGO Pedia, We along with partnered companies provide technologies<LINK>, that can brought your online presence and can help you to multiply funds. You can do mass marketing through intelligent mail technology and now accept national & international investment, Cash-cheque pickup and also raise with the incentive and cause. Know more !

Ask us to partner with 375 companies for fund-raising


For selected charities having more than 3000 visitors, we have partnered for you with 375 companies, we help you to distribute your CSR proposal as well as implement GSE Red technology that can give you recurring funds from them. Know More !

One time Free Media Marketing


For selected charities having more than 10000 visitors, We have partnered with India’s Leading Media(s) and Media Agencies, they are ready to provide PR at free or subsidised rate. We promise Free Media Marketing for your campaigns which will be selected by the media agency. We are providing the opportunity to only best 12 NGOs.

Fund Raising


For selected causes, we do mass marketing with our sister companies. We expect to raise INR 1,00,000 for our partners. We provide you one dedicated marketing advisors, which will guide your team to raise funds in systematic manner. Thank you to make the world better with your efforts! We really wish to remove the bad name that Social Welfare Industry got forever. So people can contribute without any hesitation and scale every NGO as similar as Internet in 21st centruy. For any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us at India : +91 .